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Hey Doc, I think we might have found a new punishment for Kirk.



I’m gonna say this officially and not just in my tags: accusing bisexuals of having straight passing privilege is heteronormative and monosexist garbage and i wish a thousand spiders to hang out in the peripheral vision of everyone who says or believes any shit like that.


This goes for BISEXUALS that say this crap!

Anonymous ASKED:
thanks to tumblr feminism i hate to say it but i find myself turning my nose up even at the most reasonable feminists



:/ It sucks, doesn’t it?


Thanks to SJWs and Tumblr Feminist I can’t take ANY feminists seriously.

When the Fianna are preparing for battle


So true!


30th weekly giveaway

hi guys^^ i will be hosting a weekly matchwigs giveaway where prizes include any wigs below $30 (which is 80% of the wigs there tbh and if you place their banner on ur blog its an additional $5 which makes up for 90% of the wigs) this giveaway will be different from most giveaways because it will be hosted literally every week so you guys have a really high chance of winning a free wig lol

keep in mind that because this is a weekly giveaway, the deadline is in 7 days whereas most giveaways last for months, so these will be done and over with really quickly so id join before the time is up


  • $30 voucher coupon code which can be used to purchase anything in store (shipping is free worldwide!)
  • $5 additional voucher will be awarded if the winning entry has the reblog banner on their blog. Instructions here.


  • reblog only once (from past experiences if u reblog more then once notes start disappearing and id rather not screencap every single note again)
  • likes will be disaqualified 
  • no giveaway blogs/inactive side blogs
  • must be following me (since this is for my followers)
  • giveaway is also open to my twitter followers, if u follow me on twitter but not on my tumblr you can still join. however, double the chance to win if you follow both my tumblr and twitter (send me your twitter on tumblr and ill add you to the end of the notes when i randomize the winner)


  • giveaway will start aug 18
  • end aug 25

the first three words you see are what you want in life











anal, booty, sif.

Sure, alright.

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…well hell fuckin yeah

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It’s official. Changeling: the Lost Second Edition has been goddamn announced! 

I’m on the goddamn writing team! With, like, real writers. Who are amazing. Really, really amazing. 


ARG! Alright, damn you! I’m finally going to read it! 



Just finished the entire game! I fell in love with it so I made a theme! System sounds are 8bit stuff from the game and my ringtone is Aoba’s ringtone too. This was fun to do, I’ll probably make another theme, Ren or Noiz themed~

Got back from uni. It’s frustrating because I already typed the tutorial when my Firefox decided to fucking crash. So anyways, if you want to fap to your phone’s theme every day you gotta have patience for this.

One. You must have an Android device! suck it iOS fags kidding im sorry I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 to tamper with custom ROMs. Your phone doesn’t need to be rooted but it’s better if it is.

Two. To start off, download or buy a second party launcher. I personally use Nova Launcher Prime but there’s a free version. Apex works too. There’s also a free version of that. Set up three homescreens, hide the notification bar, disable dock, grid is 10x10. Scroll effect is up to you. I use “In and Out”.

Three. Download this shit, holy crap. UCCW. It’s the widget maker.

Optional: Download SiMi Folder. It allows you to create a folder shortcut from the hotspot settings instead of just an app. Like this:

Four. When you got that, download these little shits I made: dmmdapps, dmmdmain, dmmdweather. Put these on the “uccwOutput” folder on your internal sdcard.

Five.Once you got that, you have to edit the hotspots. Go on over and UCCW and Open > open uzip. We could have different phones and preferences so change the hotspots. It’s possible to open your porn folder by clicking the time. Srsly.

Six. Set up a wallpaper via Nova (or Apex) not by default. Pick any CG from the game, really. You can have a wallpaper with Aoba getting fucked in the ass it’s really up to you idk. Save that little bitch when you’re done.

Seven. Finally go to your homescreen and add a widget. Pick UCCW, any size, and pick the edited uzips. You can resize it to fit the whole screen by press + hold = resize.

aaaaaaaaaaaaand voila! You’re done! You have a coil! Here’s Aoba’s ringtone for maximum effect!

Feel free to ask stuff and problems. Don’t be shy and try not to be anon you silly devils you (⌒.−)=★

This makes me wish I had an Android phone or that you could do this on a Windows phone!

So true!

My first thought: Yes!
My second thought: … Right, anime… No butt sex… Damn it!